Picture of Prof Freund
JBF on a conference call about jet noise while assisting Prof. Melany Hunt research the Booming Dune phenomenon in California.

Jonathan B. Freund

Mechanical Science and Engineering
Aerospace Engineering

2101B Mechanical Engineering Laboratory

Mailing Address:
1206 West Green Street, MC-244
Urbana, IL 61801


Curriculum Vitae (cv.pdf)

Our group investigates mechanical phenomena in a range of systems. Current and recent research activities include jet noise control, simulation and analysis of aeroacoustic resonances in jet engine test cells, tissue injury during shock-wave lithotripsy, the dynamics of atomically thin liquid films, the flow of large numbers of blood cells in the microcirculation, simulation of advanced solid rocket motors, thermal transport at crystal lattice boundaries, self-healing hydrodynamics in autonomic composites, and ion machining of semiconductor materials. Most of our investigations utilize advanced computer simulations tools---many of our own design---coupled with detailed analysis.