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Current Members

Amir Pic

Amir Isfahani

PhD student
August 2005 - present
* Simulation of red blood cell dynamics
* Forces of vessel-wall attached leukocytes


John Pic

John Fettig

PhD stuent
August 2005 - present
Hydrodynamics of self-healing autonomic composites

(co-advised with Prof. Olson)


Jeonglae Pic

Jeonglae Kim

PhD student
August 2005 - present
Jet noise control and confined jet resonance
(co-advised with Prof. Bodony)


PIC Zubaer

Zubaer Hossain

PhD student
August 2005 - present
Ion induced surface nanostructuring
(co-advised with Prof. Harley Johnson)


David PIC

Kallol Das

PhD student
September 2008 - present
Ion induced surface nanostructuring
(co-advised with Prof. Harley Johnson)


Smiley Pic

Dr. Jane Valentine

January 2009 - present
Shock-wave lithotripsy


Smiley Pic

Arpit Tiwari

PhD student
August 2009 - present
Shock-material interaction
(co-advised with Prof. Pantano)


Natalie Pic

Natalie Beams

PhD student
August 2010 - present
Leukocyte transport in microvessesls


Aaron Pic

Aaron Anderson

PhD student
August 2010 - present
Source mechanisms of jet crackle


Doug Pic

Doug Wajda

PhD student
August 2010 - present
Propagation mechanisms of jet crackle

Ryan Pic

Ryan Fontaine

PhD student
August 2008 - present
Anechoic chamber for jet noise experiments
Aeroaoustics of high-speed turbulent jets
(co-advised with Prof. Austin and Prof. Elliott)


Brock Pic

Brock Bobbit

Undergraduate student
January 2010 - present
Anechoic chamber characterization
(co-advised with Prof. Austin and Prof. Elliott)



Former Members

Smiley Pic

Mara Orescanin

MS Student
August 2009 - May 2010

Cellular blood flow

PhD Student at MIT/Woods Hole

Mingjun PIC

Prof. Mingjun Wei

August 1998-Dec 2004

Assistant Professor
New Mexico State University


Hong PIC

Dr. Hong Zhao

Aug 2002 - Dec 2006 (student)
Jan 2007 - Jan 2009 (postdoc)

Research Fellow
Stanford University


Ratnesh PIC

Prof. Ratnesh Shukla

Jan 2007 - May 2009 (postdoc)

Assistant Professor
India Institute of Science (IISc)


Victor PIC

Dr. Victor Topalian

August 2002 - January 2009

Postdoc at UIUC
Postdoc UT Austin

Arnab PIC

Dr. Arnab Samanta

August 2004 - Februrary 2009

Postdoc at Caltech
Assistant Professor at IISc


Randy Pic

Dr. Randy Kleinman

August 2003 - March 2010

Boston Scientific, Minneapolis

Amir P Pic

Amir Alizadeh Pahlavan

August 2008 - May 2009

PhD Student, Unversity of Illinois

Naga Pic

Dr. Nagarajan (Naga) Kalyanasundaram

August 2003 - July 2007

(co-advised with Prof. Johnson)

David PIC

David Buchta

MS student
July 2008 - August 2010
Simulation and analysis of volcanos on Io
(co-advised with Prof. Kieffer)


Adam Pic

Dr. Adam Willis

MD/PhD student
November 2005 - January 2011

Medical School, University of Illinois